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The purpose of any retreat at The Sanctuary is simple: To provide a comfortable, safe, and beautiful environment where guests can’t help but connect with themselves, their God, and with each other.

Each retreat offers the opportunity to dig deep, and gain personal insight in a safe and supportive environment and includes times of teaching, structured journaling, and small group sharing. Regardless of the retreat topic the emphasis will always be on self awareness and the concrete tools necessary to transform insight into action. There’s  also plenty of time to read, nap, share great meals, good wine, and to float in a warm pool; though not necessarily at the same time!

Because of its intimate nature, retreats at The Sanctuary are offered to existing groups of friends who desire an experience created uniquely for them.  Each group has the opportunity to choose their own retreat topic, one that will speak directly and powerfully into their own lives and experience.

Above all, time at The Sanctuary is designed to be so positive that everyone will count the days until they return!

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