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In 2009 my life was about to undergo radical transformation.
My youngest child was graduating from high school and an empty nest was fast approaching. I had almost reached the thirty year mark in a counseling practice that had been successful and satisfying, and while not ready to retire,
I was ready to make a shift professionally.  My husband, Stephen, was itching to buy a home in Southern California; resolved to spend more time with his wife and never experience a cold winter again. We weren’t sure where
our separate visions would lead us; in fact we wondered how they would mesh at all!

It was the year that I, along with my closest friends, were turning fifty. We all seemed to share a collective awareness that a season of change had arrived in our lives. As we hiked familiar trails in the hills above our Boulder homes,
or chatted over coffee in our increasingly quiet homes, we found ourselves returning to the same question: What will we do next?

Long a believer that my most accurate inspiration came from asking myself “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?”, I asked, and I listened. Over and over I received the same message: “If I wasn’t afraid I would think, and write, and teach; I would provide a space that would encourage other women to ask themselves the same question, and then step powerfully and authentically into their own futures. I would spend time in the sun with my husband, and invite others into my life to share good food, good wine, and meaningful conversation.”  While I didn’t understand it at the time, I can see now that it was out of this inner dialog that the vision of The Sanctuary was born.

On the morning that we first visited the property that would become “The Sanctuary” I think Stephen and I both knew that we had found the place where our separate visions could come together. This would be our winter home, but one that I would open up on selected weekends and share with small groups who shared my interest in emotional and spiritual growth and renewal.

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